How “Maid in Chi” Was Born…

ImageOne day I was sitting at my computer, scrolling my Facebook news-feed  and I came across a status  someone posted, that read…”your calling is your passion”  I sat there for a minute pondering the mere that of that statement. **Light Bulb** goes off in my head. After so many short term jobs,  very limited work history and unsuccessful job searches… I realized, it’s time to start my own business that I was skillful in,  yet passionate about. So I researched ways to start a business with no start up costs and I came across a article about starting your own cleaning service business. It seemed a little intimidating  at first, because of all of the cleaning companies  that are out now. But as I began to think about fear, and the more I procrastinate …I will never know what this self made opportunity I made for myself can become. So my extroverted self  ex-it-ed out doubt and en-ter-ed in faith, begun to make a website for my services , a Facebook like page and joined employment opportunity groups.

The possibilities are spotless…to be continued.